Construction Machinery Parts Manufacturer in China
Offer Wheel Loader Cutting Edge, Excavator Cutting Edge, Excavator Bucket,
Bucket Bushing, Bucket Pin, Bucket Link, Link Rod, Bucket Teeth Pin Lock,
Boom Arm, Hydraulic Cylinder, etc.
Product List
Construction Machinery Parts Manufacturer in China

We is a China-based manufacturer of construction equipment parts, such as our end bit, digging bucket, and arm assembly. We also provide engine parts, hydraulic parts, and more for cutting edges, excavators, and bulldozers. The products we offer are suited to a wide range of equipment from many well-known brands, including Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Kato, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, and Samsung, among others.

    1. Wheel Loader Cutting Edge
    2. Wheel Loader Cutting EdgeOur wheel loader cutting edge is made using high quality alloy steel (30GrMoNi) or 30MnB\22SiMn2.
      It is ...
    1. Excavator Cutting Edge
    2. Excavator Cutting Edge The bucket teeth and the wear plate of our excavator cutting edge are made of high quality boron alloy steel, with low alloy steel used for the former and medium ...
    1. Excavator Bucket
    2. Excavator Bucket We cut the raw materials with digital control flame cutting machines.
      The bottom plate is machined by large-scale lapping machine.
    1. Bucket Bushing, Bucket Pin
    2. Bucket Bushing, Bucket PinOur bucket pin has high strength and its external surface goes through high frequency quenching with the hardening layer depth of 1.5-2.5mm or medium ...
    1. Bucket Link, Link Rod
    2. Bucket Link, Link RodThe bucket link is made of Q345B, with surface hardness of 55HRC~58HRC. The link rod provides yield strength of 800MPa, impact flexibility of 800kJ/m2 ...
    1. Bucket Teeth
    2. Bucket TeethOur bucket teeth are castings made from high quality alloy steel.
      The products are available in a comprehensive range of specifications, ...
    1. Boom Arm
    2. Boom ArmThe long reach boom, also a kind of boom arm, is classified into the two-stage and three-stage types.
      The two-stage boom arm for excavator ...
    1. Hydraulic Cylinder
    2. Hydraulic CylinderWe at FUDEA supply Hydraulic Cylinder that is compatible with the following makes and models of machines
      Caterpillar: Excavator model: E110B, ...
    1. Top Roller
    2. Top RollerThe top roller is made using special steel and innovative technologies. Rigorous monitoring is implemented on each stage of production to guarantee good ...
    1. Hydraulic Parts
    2. Hydraulic PartsOur company supplies an extensive line of hydraulic parts like hydraulic pumps for excavators of such brands as Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Kato, ...
    1. Filters
    2. FiltersMaterials of Filters
      PA 1981: iron cover, net, and medium-grade wood pulp paper
      RS3517: polyurethane (PU) adhesive, ...
    1. Electronic Parts
    2. Electronic PartsOur Electromagnetic Valve, a kind of electronic parts, is used for the following models of equipment
      Komatsu: PC120-5/6, PC200-5/6D95, ...

We is a Chinese construction machinery parts manufacturer focused on the integration of science, production, and trade. We specialize in the manufacture of parts for construction machinery, such as bulldozers, excavators, and road scrapers.

We utilizes advanced machining processes and equipment for welding and heat treatment, and also fine workmanship and strict quality inspection. We focus on the development, manufacture, and sale of mechanical parts, fittings and related steel-structure fittings for construction machines, like our end bit, cutting edge, digging bucket, and boom arm, which are popular with customers worldwide.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of construction equipment parts and accessories, so we give great attention to assuring the quality of our products, continually improving manufacturing techniques, and streamlining management. As a result, our wheel loader cutting edge, motor grader cutting edge, end bit, excavator bucket, and other products have a significantly longer service life than our competitors' products.

We at FUDEA test the chemical composition of raw material from the every beginning when we purchase it. And the supplier must have quality-guaranteed certification.
We inspect products in every process in the course of production, keep record and track the products.
All the products are produced under high technological process to ensure good quality.
Within the warranty period, for any products that have breakage in normal use, we'll send substitutes for free.

With advanced techniques, lower prices, and excellent services, FUDEA products are growing in popularity in such regions as America, South America, and United Arab Emirate. We welcome customers around the world to contact us and use our products. We look forward to creating a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship with you.